Cantilever Two Idler Trough


Cantilever Two Idler Trough

A Cantilever Two Idler Trough is a specialized conveyor system designed to support and guide the movement of materials in a trough-shaped structure. It consists of a sturdy cantilever frame that extends horizontally, supported by two idler rollers.

The cantilever design allows for the conveyor to be mounted on one side, leaving the other side open and unobstructed. This configuration is particularly useful when handling long or bulky items that may overhang the sides of the conveyor.

The two idler rollers, positioned within the trough, provide support and guidance for the moving material. They are strategically placed to ensure smooth and consistent movement, minimizing any potential damage or disruptions.

The trough shape of the conveyor is designed to contain and guide the materials along the desired path, preventing spillage or deviation. It is commonly used in various industries such as mining, construction, and manufacturing, where the transportation of bulk materials or heavy loads is required.

The Cantilever Two Idler Trough offers a reliable and efficient solution for material handling, providing stability, support, and precise guidance. Its robust construction and carefully positioned idler rollers ensure safe and smooth conveying operations, optimizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

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